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The hottest Après-Ski
in the Badia Valley

Every day at 2 pm, DJ Thomas Dorsi comes up to the deck and starts rekindling the embers of fun, by blowing on music so much adored by the skiers. It’s time to open the most famous Après-Ski in the whole Badia Valley – on the Moritzino’s terrace.

If there’s an event that the skiers would noway want to miss, undoubtedly it’s this one. The sun shines high in the sky and warms up the muscles after a morning of skiing, while on the terrace people go wild, dancing with friends on the tables. At the counter spritz, hugo and champagne flow rivers, accompanied by first-choice snacks directly from our Wine Bar.

All drinks arrive from our Ice Bar, entirely made of snow and ice, in order to keep them freshest.